Observations [1]

  • I’m a fucking coward sometimes. I get anxiety over the tiniest things sometimes and it takes me ages to break myself of it, or to even figure out the rationale [if there is one] behind it. Tiny, random things like driving to a new town, for example, send this weird shocked feeling through my veins and it overwhelms me to the point of panic. It’s never the same thing twice though. I humorously try to consider it a form of anxiety déjà vu, but it’s annoying nonetheless.
  • No matter how broken I’ve ever been, no matter how afraid I was that all of my best parts were dead and gone, and no matter how much I have believed that my heart would never again work… well, I’ve always been wrong about it. It’s amazing what a little bit of hope can do for something so broken. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m slowly coming to appreciate all of my chips and cracks and burns and scars; I think they make me more interesting. I think it’s why people always look at me strangely and tell me there’s something different about me, but can never put their finger on precisely what that might be.
  • Green tea lattes are infinitely better sweetened.
  • It’s nice to meet people who are free from social expectation. They’ll just randomly shout at the top of their lungs; they’ll bust out dancing in the middle of the street; they’ll say ‘fuck social taboos, I’m awesome!’ They’re tiny little reminders that it’s Ok to be unique and genuine and strange. Bit by bit they help me feel more comfortable in my own skin, and more at home in this world.
  • Money trees don’t actually [but should] grow money. Que disappointing!

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