Thinking of You

It’s nice to have people in your life who think of you in such a way that… they see something and then automatically have to share it with you because it reminds them of you.

It’s one of those things that seems so obvious, like it should always be a part of natural discourse or interaction between two people, but it’s something that’s so lacking in my life sometimes. I feel like people [and I do this too, mind] too often might see something that makes them reminisce, think of an inside joke, etc., but they often just have a chuckle, keep it to themselves, and move on.

Some of the people I consider my best mates are the ones who, for lack of a better word, bombard me with these things!

“Oh hey, look at these weird flavored crisps [chips] I picked up in the American section today. Made me think of you!”

“Here’s a picture of yams because I can no longer eat them thanks to you!”

“This is literally your favorite place in the world and I was here, so I wanted to send you this picture of it. It’s not changed a bit since you left!”

These people give me some of the biggest grins I can sport, and I’ll always try to return the favor.



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