Observations [2]

  • I’m ticklish… but only when I’m tired… and comfy around people.
  • Most of the time I feel like I either get fucking everything (or more than everything) done, or absolutely fuck all done. There is no in between. I’m too extreme!
  • I’ve been purchasing adolescent lit books lately, but not reading them. I keep telling myself I don’t have the time to read because there are other things I need to do… and then I don’t do those other things anyways… so technically I did have time to read and only just talked myself out of it? Yeah, I’m weird.
  • I’m beginning to realize that there are some people in my life who only like me as my former depressed self. Those people can go fuck themselves.
  • I find foods that are made to taste like other foods to be completely pointless. Case in point: turkey flavoured donuts in England (pic above). Or fucking meat flavored potato chips! WHY wouldn’t you just eat the original thing?! Why settle for a shittier manufactured tasting version of it with a different texture? Yeah, it bugs me.

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