Burning (Wo)Man

I’ve been following Burning Man for years now, and have always been terribly intrigued by it. The stories, atmosphere, and the art have always fascinated me. This^ is probably one of the more famous pieces to come out of it…

Every time I find myself looking it up or reading about it, I always seem stuck on 2 recurring thoughts:

  1. How awesome would it be to contribute to something that’s larger than yourself? Yeah, I’m sure it could be argued that we all do this on the daily anyhow. I, for example, contribute to my school community, educate multitudes of people, etc. I think this is something different though. I’d love to work with a group of complete strangers to achieve a common task/goal, even if it’s only temporary. I’d love to be able to drop the societal constructions we have and define ourselves by and just be able to connect with that group of a very basic humanistic level. I think it’d be fascinating.
  2. Also fascinating to me is the idea that it provides you with a space wherein you can just completely and utterly redefine who you are. Don’t want to be a professor anymore? Why not be the crazy chick who runs around in a blue tutu every day?! Sure! Why not be the rando who only communicates through dance for a while?! Sure! Be whatever the hell you want to be in a fostering/accepting environment. — This fascination btw is probably also why I enjoy moving from place to place; it always provides you with an opportunity to start over and reinvent yourself.

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