I remember reading this particular bit of this particular love letter when I was younger and getting all the feels. Beethoven was genius in so many ways, and his words, like his music, just enraptured me.

It’s only 3 short lines, 9 words, but the meaning I feel it has far outweighs its apparent simplicity.

To me, anyways, it’s about belonging fully and being committed fully to another. And on a much deeper level than the vast majority of people in relationships are.

It’s the kind of connection where there are no doubts, no obstacles or walls, nothing holding you back from one another essentially. It’s the kind of connection I’ve always yearned for in life.

So I think this will indeed be my first tattoo (even about Wilmot) because it’s just a sentiment I’ve always connected with.

I also don’t think it’s something I’ll regret any time soon because it’s not too specific as to bite me in the ass later on. It’s just a hope at the end of the day.



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